Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Gifu, centerally located in Japan, south central in and Gifu Prefecture capital played a historic role in both unifying and controlling the country during different periods and later as an early fashion center. The Nagara River crossing through Gifu is know for it's Cormorant fishing dating more than 1200 years is a unique tourist attraction in the summer.  These days as a suburb Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan, Gifu is promoting a slower life as opposed to the fast pace big city life.

At sunset Observation Area on Mount Kikna Near Gifu Castle
Gifu Castle, a symbol of Gifu, houses three floors of period art, weapons history and a 360 view of Gifu to Nagoya.

Gifu Castle through break in the trees.

Koyo surrounding Gifu Castle

Koyo surrounding Gifu Castle
Koyo surrounding Gifu Castle

Period Weapons on display in Gifu Castle

Panoramic 360 Views of Gifu to Nagoya from Gifu Castle

Sushi Go-Round, as seen on TV was an interesting and delicious experience. Sushi was either taken from the track or delivered on a model Shinkansen (bullet train). Plates were counted at the end to determine charge. At ¥105(yen) a plate it was a fun, inexpensive and tasty.


Fat Salmon
Shrimp Tempura
Sushi-Go Round

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