Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Koyo (Autumn Colors) of Kyoto I

Kyoto Day One

In regards to the autumn colors (koyo), it can only be described as a gem of Japan. Kyoto is certainly not the only place to see the changing seasons but absolutely one of the most photogenic.  With its high concentration of temples and shrines, accented by the dramatic red star of the koyo season, the Momiji tree (Japanese Maple) and the vividness of the yellow of the Ginko tree, and every color in-between, mother nature's palette is truly a site to behold where even photos cannot do it justice.  Of course I tried.

The Nanzenji Temple

The beautiful colors against the shrines and temples, we cannot help but to stare and smile at natures beauty.

After the viewing the Nanzenji Temple, and a short stroll through Kyoto led to the Heian Shrine with its beautiful but massive Torrii gate.

The Eikando Temple

Though the Eikando Temple looks exquisite in the day the real show starts after 5:30 in the evening when the temple grounds are illuminated adding to the already dramatic koyo.

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