Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Korankei Gorge

Korankei Gorge outside of Toyota city, brilliantly displays the autumn colors (koyo) over the Tomoe River.  Traversed by two beautifully accenting bridges, this area is a feast for the eyes.  And if that is not enough you can stop at the noodle vendor on the hillside for the most delicious, freshly prepared noodles.

Suspension Bridge in Korankei Gorge

Ginko Tree accenting the Momiji tree (Japanese Maple) and the rooftop mosses of the tea shop.

I found some glasses on the ground, I hope displaying them prominently, they will find their owner.

Fresh noodles, spicy ground beef.  Delicious!

Second beautiful bridge in Korankei Gorge

Beautiful colors of the surrounding hills

Hills of the gorge are illuminated at night in November.

Some of the Torii Gates to the Shrine on the hillside.

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